Practice Areas

At Zimmer & Melton LLP, we provide a diverse array of legal services for clients in Bakersfield, California. 

Farmers and agribusinesses throughout California seek our counsel when facing agricultural disputes and other related legal matters. With knowledge of state farming policies, as well as trends in the agricultural economy, we provide our clients with sound advice, a strategy, and when necessary, representation during litigation.

Whether you own a start-up or an established corporate entity, the right business attorney can help advise you on numerous aspects of your business. A good business plan consists of implementing preventative measures from the beginning to avoid issues down the line, rather than waiting until disputes arise to act. With our help, you can take steps to formulate your entity, draft thorough contract agreements, navigate mergers and acquisitions, and protect your company by minimizing legal liability.

Employment law in California is complex and riddled with intricacies. The attorneys in Zimmer & Melton’s Employment Law Practice Group are knowledgeable and experienced in guiding employers of all sizes through the complicated employment law landscape. We can help you navigate through the challenging intricacies that California employers face.

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is necessary regardless of your age, health, or financial standing. The importance of developing a solid plan to protect your legacy and ensure your family is taken care of when you’re gone cannot be overstated. When you take initiative and reach out to us for counsel, you’re refusing to let your hard-earned assets be consumed by estate taxes, probate expenses, and creditors.

Sometimes litigation is necessary to resolve a legal dispute. Whether you’re planning on filing a legal claim or you’re preparing to defend against one, it is critical you hire an attorney who is well-versed in all that litigation entails. We provide assertive representation and counsel in all phases of litigation, including trial, appeal, arbitration, and mediation.

The attorneys at our firm are committed to working with clients who face legal issues concerning real estate law in California. Handling both commercial and residential cases, we have aided a number of professionals and property owners in the state with a broad range of issues, some of which include, transactions, financing and lending, zoning, and real estate development.

Water is an important resource. Government entities and business facing legal issues concerning water law need counsel that is experienced and knowledgeable. We provide substantive guidance on water rights, supply, quality, transfers, groundwater and other related issues that arise in today’s ever-changing legal landscape.